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In life we come across a number of highly admired brands e.g. Mercedes, McDonald etc. and it is observed that the focus of people is usually tilted towards launching the brands that carry tangible products or services under its umbrella. It’s a fact that all tangible products have their own unique importance in humans’ life but have you ever thought of presenting yourself as a brand and striving to make yourself one of the most expensive brands that possess the most valued products under its umbrella for the masses? Have you ever thought of making yourself master of a field and delivering a variety of services in that field to serve the society? Experience shows that self-branding is the rarest form of branding but their rests a huge scope in launching yourself as a brand and letting people get the benefit of you. One thing which is very interesting about such brand is that the efficiency, durability, and reliability of its products increases with wear and tear, unlike all other products. Besides, the initial investment for self-branding is negligible, the only thing required to launch one’s self as a brand is WILL and the journey begins. Interestingly, if you have lack of money then you are the most suitable person to present yourself as a brand because there is nothing to lose but just gains, benefits and profits lay on the way.

Now, what is the effective way to develop a successful self-branded personality? Self-Branding is a time taking process which is a compound of knowledge as well as strong personal traits. Despite the fact that knowledge is the backbone of self-branding, however, it is seen that in most cases a person possessing the huge weight of knowledge still remain unable to brand him/her due lack of required personal qualities. It is necessary to maintain a balance and develop both dimensions of the personality. Presence of plenty of personal qualities is a blessing, however according to experts, self-branding requires development of a set of traits in one’s personality i.e. honesty, pressure absorbing abilities, flexibility, strong interpersonal skills, confidence in one’s abilities and strong communication skills are some of the most important traits. Good News is that if someone lacks all or any of the required traits then there is nothing to worry about as all these traits can be developed from very scratch and the only way is to practice them as much as possible. Initially, one may feel it difficult but after some time all these traits will become a part of one’s personality.

The bottom line is; stop complaining about society and lack of resources, start sketching your own journey. Make yourself an expensive person if you cannot make any expensive product. Make yourself unique and become a brand that everyone wants to buy its products. You have the power to change your life but you need to discover it and start practicing it. Last but not the least; Self-Branding will always keep you in a mode to help others which is the best of all services!!

Arsalan Rehman is a bloger and Industrial-Engineer, currently working as an office-holder in a government organization of Pakistan.