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Corporate Social Audit

Validates Trustworthiness of Your Business

Also known as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Audit’ is a proven method to know the facts underneath. Apparent reports and appraisals only give a surface analysis of performance and problems but corporate social audit searches and find issues hidden under the fine layers of good administration and luxurious exterior of business. Good companies always search for the facts relating to their employees, policies, prevailing workforce frustrations and possible reasons of stakeholders’ dissatisfaction.All such information acquisition becomes possible through well designed and professionally administered corporate audits on various social, personal, environmental, performance and ethical issues. Corporate social responsibility audits help all stakeholders to get best from their business activities. Apart from direct business benefit, stakeholders of business including employees, customers, business partners and related communities are also benefited from corporate social audits in multiple ways. Corporate social audits encourage corporate social responsibility and its implementation makes business more transparent, trustworthy and profitable. IKTAR consultants have expertise to plan, implement, analyze all types of social responsibility audits. For further details or appointment on Corporate Social Responsibility Audit, please contact IKTAR.

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