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ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

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ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

What is ISO 14001 Environmental Certification?


Universally acceptable and highly acknowledged ISO 14001 is known well for its contribution to the environment. It is for all organizations regardless size, capital and volume or scale of business. Increasing environmental regulations and support of general public for environmental well being has encouraged organizations to embrace Environmental Certification ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 encourages organizations to protect and safeguard environment from man and machine made hazards. It is a symbol of organizational social responsibility. Organizations with concern for society and environment welcome this certification and compliance required by ISO 14001. It creates a strong positive image for the organization, its products and people working with is. Getting into ISO 14001 Certification is a good investment.

Objectives of ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Management System initiated through ISO 14001 in any organization aims at providing a comprehensive prevention to further environmental damage by protecting the spread of hazardous content in air, water and soil. ISO 14001 further defines social, individual and organizational responsibilities to safeguard mother earth and its environment. It makes organizations, and stakeholders more concerned, responsible and proactive for environmental protection. Better business and organization is not possible without complying with ISO 14001 in near future.

Who can apply ISO 14001?

It is for all types, sizes, volume and nature of organizations regardless their nature of business and location. The organizations that produce, discharge, emit or leak harmful content in liquid, solid, gas or radiation form are the main organizations that ISO 14001 aims for. Environmental certification helps the organizations control the wastes and dispose these wastes off in a practical and non-harmful way.

Benefits of ISO 14001

  • Improved business, corporate image and social acceptance
  • Prestigious status among competitor
  • Strong advocacy of organizational social responsibility
  • Enhanced business productivity and capacity building
  • Improved cost of production, more savings, higher profits
  • Easy compliance for other ISO standards e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 45001 et.
  • Improved machine and human performance
  • Reduced operational health and well-being of organization

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