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Occupational Safety & Health


Consultancy and Training

Safer Workplace is the More Productive Workplace

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Occupational Safety and Health

Premium consulting & training services to ensure occupational safety and health at your workplace

Occupational Safety and Health are directly related to every business’s well being and productivity. IKTAR offer objective based realistic advisory services to ensure compliance in this regard. International standards are ensured through right assessment, work plans, implementation, monitoring and  continual improvement.  Right workplace habits are inculcated in teams to avoid Workplace mistakes, accidents, and losses.  Our wide range OSHA consulting and training  services include:

  • OSHA Standards Assessment for work place safety
  • Detailed GAP analyses of multiple work place protections against known and unknown hazards
  • Identification of risk areas for accidents, fire and other health hazards
  • Work plan preparation to wade the GAPS
  • Implementation of work plan at work place
  • Training of teams
  • Ensuring proper monitoring of application
  • Continuous improvement
  • Fix an appointment with IKTAR to discuss the details in a personal meeting.

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