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Performance Appraisal in Growing Organizations

Effective performance appraisals help immediate and top managers recognize both hidden potential and problems of their teams. Goals and achievements can be well integrated professionally  if these are worked well; this working well is made possible by well engineered performance appraisal system.

IKTAR offers performance appraisal plans to corporate clients that help top management to make right HR choices and decisions. Right performance appraisal means right HR for the right company. IKTAR performance appraisals are of two types:

  • Performance Appraisal Work Plan: Based on quarterly and annual basis, available for the appraisal of front line officers/managers, middle managers and top managers.
  • Performance Appraisal Solutions – IT based: Highly customized to clients’ individual HR requirements and needs. Saves time, hassle and creates high quality performance oriented and unbiased reports.

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