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Performance monitoring is the key of performance and profit management. If performance monitoring is not done professionally, many performance gaps can be overlooked. Such overlooked areas are in fact leakage of organizational resources that make the business less profitable. IKTAR consulting offers performance monitoring services to its corporate clients. These services are offered in various prongs and are suitable for businesses with:

  • Broad Supply Chain
  • Intensive Distribution Setup
  • Multiple Points of Business (POBs)
  • Wide Area of Operation
  • Segmented and Scattered Markets
  • Huge Number of Employees
  • Automated Business Models
  • Increased Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Extensive Outlets
  • Huge Geographical Coverage

IKTAR monitors, records, analyses and reports performance of your employees, partners, distributors, agents, supply chain factors, franchise & retailers on targeted performance areas on your behalf. IKTAR’s performance monitoring services reduces your work load and improves your work performance significantly. IKTAR performance monitoring services are beneficial to your business as these improve performance, enhance productivity and growth of business.

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