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Human Resource Recruiting Solution

Importance of good employees cannot be denied in any business. Both financial and human capitals are the bases of success for any organization.

IKTAR consulting provides HR recruiting services to its clients. IKTAR, after receiving clients’ requirements completes the whole process with or without participation of clients or their representatives. Process of recruitment includes announcement of vacancies in print and electronic media, collection of application, applicants’ data bank preparation, data analysis, shortlisting of candidates, call and conduct of test & initial interview, shortlisting of candidates, second level, third level interview, final interview and selection.

Recruitment Process at IKTAR consulting:

6Step Recruitment Process

  1. Work Order from Client with JDs and Complete Requirements
  2. Advertising of Jobs by IKTAR and Short-Listing of Candidates
  3. Technical Skill Testing Interview
  4. Aptitude and Human Resource Compliance Interview
  5. Background Checking of Candidates before Final Selection
  6. Offer Letter to Candidates and Acceptance

Employee Starts Working at Job Place

KTAR specializes in nationwide recruitment services for both permanent and short-term human resource needs. We are hiring management professionals, high profile executives and administrative staff for all business, service and industry types. IKTAR recruits permanent, contractual and interim human resource for its corporate clients. Our geographical boundaries extend throughout the country.

IKTAR recruitment experts screen candidates professionally to match clients needs in a systematic way. The whole process is well integrated that is customized according to individual needs of our customers.

If you have an immediate, interim or long term human resource needs, please contact IKTAR for more information and let IKTAR find you the best human resource for your business.

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