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Onsite Training Workshops for Improved HR Performance

IKTAR consulting is specializes in conducting onsite soft skills development programs, in house training & development and on the job training. These training workshops are arranged for all managerial at various hierarchy levels. Group size of trainees in these workshops varies from twenty to thirty in most of the cases.

Effective training is a complex and highly technical process and we complete this process in complete collaboration with concerned department heads and designated staff at clients’ place. IKTAR follows rational training need delivery model in following steps to ensure quality implementation & better business results:

 1. Training Needs Assessment

Before stepping in training process, IKTAR believes in assessing actual training needs at your office. This assessment is done by IKTAR training consultants through management meetings, on floor conversation with your staff, ghost shopping/visits, interviews of your present, past, prospective, happy and annoyed clients. All these activities help us determining your real training requirements that would be focused in forthcoming training activities to achieve training goals.

2. Designing of Training Program

IKTAR training consultants design an interactive and highly effective training program based on different modules that are spread over the entire duration of aimed training program. Special attention is given to the needs assessed and analyzed in the first step. Training curricula development is the next phase of this activity where specific modules are designated to certain problem areas to meet training requirements. IKTAR trainers will use most appropriate training modules, tools and training aids to achieve training objectives.

3. Pre-Training Sessions

IKTAR consultants meet the client or his/her representative to review the course contents and their relevance to training objectives. This meeting is arranged one to two weeks prior to the conduct of training session. IKTAR always take its clients’ on board as client must be familiar with our trainers’ and consultants’ action plan they are planning for the betterment of client’s organization. Pre-training session finalizes the details of training spectrum and target areas.

4. Conducting Training

Training is conducted and whole process of training delivery is monitored to ensure quality and timely delivery of entire curriculum.

5. Participants Feedback

Feedback from participants is recorded in anonymous way to ensure maximum in put from their side. This feedback is used for enhancing the process of innovation and for making further improvements at our end. Such feedback is of great value to us and we consider each and every point of this for our improvement and quality enhancement. Participants are also given ample opportunity ‘off training time’ to share there feedback, comments, opinions and reservations. Trainers remain available everyday after the training for ‘off session’ conversation and participants’ discussion of any issue or topics.

6. Post Training Refresher Sessions

Depending on nature of training, its intensity and volume of course contents, post training refresher sessions are planned within two to six months of training course. These sessions are charged separately if not included in the main training agreement.

7. Post Training Analysis & Feedback

On client’s requirements a comprehensive post training analysis and feedback is shared with client, that is strictly confidential and may have extra charges apart from training investment.

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For further details, fix an appointment or arrange a training program please contact IKTAR.

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