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Public Training Workshops for Working Professionals

IKTAR public training programs are conducted on a variety of topics. These workshops, seminars, courses, lunch programs, breakfast orientations and keynote programs very productive for business employees, officers and decision making managers. Public trainings duration generally ranges from half day to multiple days based on topic requirement. Group sessions also have different audience sizes ranging from five to 20 for breakfast and lunch programs, twenty to thirty for interactive training workshops on various skill building topics, and more than hundred for seminars and conferences.

Public training workshops are open for all participants from any industry in given working areas, anyhow IKTAR also arranges the same workshops exclusively for its clients on their demand where only client’s enrolled audience is trained exclusively. For interactive training workshops maximum number of audience ranges from twenty to thirty based on training modules’ requirements. IKTAR specializes in soft skill development and our trainers know the turf well and they impart knowledge and skills in a comfortable fun loving way and ensure long term retention of training concepts as well.
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