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Applied Leadership

for Managerial Success

Duration: 2 Days

Ideal For:

Middle & Top Managers, in all private and public sector organizations, Team leaders and Entrepreneurs

Learning Methodology:

Role Plays
Brain Storming
Application Activities
Skill Building Exercises

Main Contents Include:

  • Leadership Perception and & Modern Perspective
  • Need of Leadership Skills for Every Managers
  • Nature, Importance & Impact of Leadership
  • Conventional vs Applied Leadership
  • Selection of Appropriate Applied Leadership Role in Business
  • Overcoming Frustrations of Being a Leader
  • Avoiding clash between Power & Satisfaction
  • Confronting vs non-Confronting Applied Leadership
  • Creating a ‘cultivating’ environment
  • Who cannot be Applied Leaders – ifs and cants
  • Leading followers vs Leading the Leaders
  • Applied leadership and Innovation Requirements
  • Internal and external Leadership ‘Repellents’
  • Overcoming obstacles in Leadership Application
  • Building Effective Leadership Behaviors and Attitudes
  • Growing Leaders through Your Leadership
  • Developing Your Own & Unique Leadership Style
  • Applying Leadership everywhere in Life


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