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Leadership Skill Development Program – I

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Learning to Lead

Leadership Skills Development Program – I

Duration: 2 Days

This is first level leadership skill development course for creating thorough understanding about leadership concepts, styles, and  impact of leadership on organizational performance.
(This course is followed by two other courses of advanced level )

Learning Methodology:

Lectures, Role Plays, Application Activities, Brain Storming, Simulation, ‘Expect-the-Unexpected’

Ideal For:

Front Line & Middle Managers in Sales, Administration, HR, IT, Production, & Marketing, Young and New Entrants, Entrepreneurs

Learning to Lead

Leadership Training by IKTAR

Main Contents Include:

  • Who are Leaders
  • Born and Made Leaders
  • Your Personality Type
  • Identifying inborn Leadership capabilities
  • Understanding Others’ Personality
  • Difference in Bossing & Leading
  • Perception and Definition
  • Why Leadership for You
  • Building Bricks for Leadership Empire
  • Practicing Leadership with Peace
  • Self Motivation for Leaders
  • Applying Leadership in Your Own Profession

After this Training, attendees will be able to:


  • Leadership, Leadership Styles, Personality Traits, Importance of Leadership its dynamics, roles leaders play at workplace
  • Impact of leadership on success
  • Importance of Leadership

Apply & Exercise

  •  Leadership skills at workplace
  • Leadership skill transfer to co-workers
  • Goal oriented and result driven leadership style

For in-house quotation, registration and other details email IKTAR Training Manager

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