Conflict & Complaint


Art of Resolving Problems Amicably

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Conflict & Complaint Management

Learn the Art of Resolving Problems Comfortably

Duration: 1 Day

Ideal For:

Business Managers, Team Leader, Sales Teams, Customer Services Staff, Professionals, Business Owners, Consultants, Engineers

Learning Methodology:

  • Presentation
  • Simulations
  • Brain Storming
  • Application Activities
  • Skill Building Exercises
  • ‘Expect-Unexpected’

Conflict & Complaint Management

Conflict & Complaint Management

Main Contents Include:

  • Developing Conflict Literacy
  • Types and Intensity of Conflicts
  • Basics of Conflict Resolution
  • Knowing the Reasons
  • Resolving the ‘issues’
  • Building of Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Role of ‘others’ in resolving conflicts
  • Seeking Help & Advice
  • Building Conflict Resolutions Strategies
  • Role of EQ in Conflict Resolution
  • Effective use of EQ in Conflict Resolution

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