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Management Skills for Office Mangers

Dynamic Working Skills for Modern Managers

Duration: 2 Days

Ideal For:

Front Line & Middle Managers in Sales, Administration, HR, IT, Production, & Marketing, Young and New Entrants, Entrepreneurs

Learning Methodology:

Role Plays
Brain Storming
Application Activities
Skill Building Exercises

Main Contents Include:

  • Role of management skills in organizational profitability
  • Modern approaches to management
  • Customizing your work environment according to business needs
  • Creating a culture of better management in your office
  • How to discipline yourself
  • How to discipline others
  • Learning to say NO effectively & politely
  • Development of Office Management Action Plan (OMAP)
  • Managing, office, teams, self and business together
  • Rewarding, warning and punishing the responsible ones
  • Managing difficult situations in effective and comfortable manner


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Management Training for Office Managers


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