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Shift in Business Management

Training for Modern Business and Project Mangers

Self Branding and Promotion has become the integral part of modern corporate environment. Professionals and leaders have limitations of personal growth if they are unable to brand their professional image well. This workshop is aimed at enhancing your professional worth by creating a strong good will.  It is your Way to Succeed in Modern Professional Environment, and Prove Your Professional Worth.

Duration: 2 Days

Ideal For:

Project & Business Managers from all industries including Telecommunication, Construction, IT, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemicals and Steel

Learning Methodology:

  • Presentation
  • Simulations
  • Brain Storming
  • Application Activities
  • Skill Building Exercises
  • ‘Expect-Unexpected’

Negotiation Skills

Project Management for Paradigm Shift

Main Contents Include:

  • A “do more with less” economic climate
  • Expanding global priorities
  • Necessity to enable innovation
  • Org. Project Management & framework
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Risk Mitigation
  • Requirements of Building Leadership Culture
  • Talent Management
  • Managing Obstacles & Difficult People

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