Learning the Manners of Success

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Business Etiquette & Professional Mannerism

Learn the Art of Being Professionally Polished

Duration: 1 Day

Ideal For:

Young managers, corporate executives, business individuals, sales teams, customer care staff, team leaders, office managers and consultants.

Learning Methodology:

  • Presentations
  • Impromptu Demos
  • Quizzes
  •  Videos
  • Skill Development Games
  • ‘Expect-the-un-Expected’

Business Etiquette & Professional Manerism

Business Etiquettes & Professional Manerism

Workshop Covers:

  • About Business Etiquette and Mannerism
  • Role of Etiquette in professional success
  • Workplace Etiquettes and their Application
  • Developing Good Success Habits Through Right and Acceptable Etiquette
  • Application of Etiquettes in different business situations i.e., Sales Calls, Customer Handling, Telephonic Conversation, Complaint Management and other Difficult Situations
  • Understanding Body Language and Non Verbal Manners and Using these to Win Relationship
  • ‘Space’ manners and Limits
  • Art of Saying No without Annoying others
  • Eating / Dinning Manner

After this Training, attendees will be able to:

  • Learn the importance and use of right manners at workplace and in personal life
  • Develop the ability to deal difficult situations more comfortably
  • Be more confident in relationship building in a corporate environment
  • Be more skilled in using their abilities to bring new business
  • Be free from the ‘fear of etiquettes’
  • Improve their stress management skills
  • Become more confident and Self-Driven
  • Become more productive and result oriented in everyday business affairs

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