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Power of

Self Branding

Enhancing Individual Professional Competence for Success

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Power of Self-Branding

Training Seminar on Self Promotion and Self Image Building for Modern Professionals

Duration: 1 Day

Ideal For:

Young professionals, Front-line Managers, Middle Managers, Top Managers, Business Persons, Consultants and all others who are interested in their Self and professional growth

Learning Methodology:

Presentations, Case Studies, Branding Models, Brain Storming, Promotional Template Building

Power of Self Branding

Power of Self Branding

Main Contents Include:

  • Need of Self Promotion & Self Branding
  • Over looked areas of professional aims
  • Introduction to Self Branding
  • Identifying your Current Self Brand
  • Thought Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, and Your Brand
  • Can People Find You?
  • Defining Your Niche
  • Self Branding Influencers
  • Income Security and Self Branding
  • The Cost of Developing Your Self Brand
  • Example of a 12 Month Self Branding Strategy
  • Identifying Industry Influencers (Are You an Influencer?)
  • The 360 Review: A Tool to Understand How Other Perceive You
  • Designing your own Branding Route Map

After this Training, attendees will be able to:

  • Unleash their hidden development and growth potentional
  • Develop and Grow with self development techniques
  • See the career and growth path more clearlty
  • Conquer better & more profitable fronts in personal and professional life
  • Showcase their ‘Skills & Qualifications’ in more assertive and productive manner
  • Have more confident groomed ‘Self’

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