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Stress Management

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At modern performance based and action driven workplace, managers have too much to do but
don’t have enough time to do these all. Crushing competition, killing deadlines and stressed work environment
make the life of working professionals very tough. Stress at business or personal place can dampen morale, decrease productivity, invite anxiety and result into severe depression, if it is not managed well in time.  Various stress management techniques, personality profiling, self-assessments,  stress management activities will be the part of this highly productive and motivational workshop for modern business managers, entrepreneurs, leaders and keen professionals.

Duration: 2 Days

Ideal For:

Middle, Top & Senior Managers, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Leaders,  and Consultants working in high paced and result oriented work environment

Learning Methodology:

Presentation, Quizzes, Group Discussions, Stress Marking Activities, Stress Busting Exercises Brain Storming

Stress Management

Time Management Training

Main Contents Include:

  • What is Stress
  • Types, causes & effects of stress
  • Identification of stress points
  • Understanding positive stress
  • Causes of workplace stress
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Solving Stress with ‘Triple A’ approach
  • Managing time, emotions, anger
  • Removing Stress from Environment
  • Managing through diet, people, leisure
  • Stress Busting Exercises
  • Prescription for Success in SM
  • Planning into action

After this Training, attendees will be able to:

This two-day highly interactive and participative training workshop will enable attendees to identify major factors causing stress in their lives with curative stress busting methods to improve job performance and self control at work place. This workshop will help managers learn how to handle & encounter various possible stressors. Workshop will guide participants on how to use stress as a positive tool in their work and personal life.

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