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IKTAR Training of Trainers Courses

Training adults is quite different from kids teaching, it requires complete understanding of adult learning methodology, skills and professional training. Training the trainer (TTT) or training of trainers (TOT) is a basic need of any trainer training the trainers. Here at IKTAR you are trained as Master Trainer and equipped with all necessary skills required by you professional.

IKTAR’s master trainers understand the value of subject well taught and they also know the bad effects of bad training. IKTAR train the trainer courses are tailored for different learner-trainers’ groups to meet specific training skills needs in their respective work areas.

From new trainers to seasoned trainers, IKTAR has well crafted training programs that cover basic adult learning principles, communication skills, designing of curricula, audience motivation, and effective training delivery methods. IKTAR offers Train the trainer programs for both public and on-site.

Master Trainer Program I

  • Basic Training Needs
  • Training Essentials
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Designing Training Curricula
  • Rehearsing Training Curricula
  • Training Delivery

Also includes simulations, practical working, role plays, fear purging exercises, various audio visuals, peer assessment, skill development by interactive activities.

Master Trainer Program II

  •     Short Revisiting of Program I
  •     Training Curriculum Designing Methodology
  •     Making Out Standing Power Point Presentations
  •     Audience Engagement Methods
  •     Rapport Building
  •     Developing Training Games & Activities
  •     Designing Attractive Training Material
  •     Splitting Training Programs in Modules
  •     Customizing Training Manuals for Individual Group Needs
  •     “Out of the Box” Training Techniques
  •     Handling ‘Tough’ Audience
  •     Developing IMPACT
  •     The Art of Being “FAIR”

Also includes role plays, project building, training applications, confidence building exercise, group work, focus discussions,  targeted debates, patience development activities.

Leader Trainer

Leader Trainer is an advanced training program in train the trainer series. This course is offered to experienced trainers & master trainers to further extend their professional working potential and expand their boundaries of expertise.

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For further details, fix an appointment or arrange a training program please contact IKTAR.

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