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Job Burnout & Work Stress

Job Burnout Your job is going well, you got two quick promotions, salary raise, and a new car during last year; but you are unhappy, desperate, fatigued, bored, and unfocused. Bravo, you are tracked for a job burnout. Among working professionals, such episodes are... read more

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment a Mystic Illusion or a Reality? Struggle for power is an innate of all living beings where humans are not an exception. Story of power struggle between genders, social classes and economic groups travels back with the history of humankind. Modern day... read more

How to Hire Good People

Remember, People are the only Assets that don’t ‘Depreciate’ Organizations are known for the business productivity, and this productivity is directly related to the company resources engaged in business activities. Assets involved are many like land,... read more