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Why Do They Need Training?

The Only Way to Grow is to Improve Companies’ integrated performance is linked to the successful delivery of products and services. Successful delivery becomes real when all departments and teams are doing their best to reach a common corporate goal. The whole... read more

Business Planning vs Application

The notion, ‘well begun is half done’, proves wrong when it comes to the business planning and its procedural application on various business factors. Most of the people believe that good planning can lead them to the ultimate goal and will help them in... read more

Focus for Success

He is very talented but still unable to achieve a breakthrough in his life! She is very ambitious but unable to reach a successful destination in her life! Often we come across similar judgments about the people around us. Reasons behind such failures could be... read more

Personality & Character

In human society, the character is one of the most debated topics and can be truly considered as the base of the society. Interestingly everyone in the society knows about this fact but still, it is among the most ignored areas in today’s practical life. We as a human... read more

Brand Yourself

In life we come across a number of highly admired brands e.g. Mercedes, McDonald etc. and it is observed that the focus of people is usually tilted towards launching the brands that carry tangible products or services under its umbrella. It’s a fact that all tangible... read more

Who is a Happy Customer?

Defining a happy customer is very important as it is essential for making your business a really happy business. The happiness of business is directly linked and proportionate to the happiness of its customers. If customers are happy, the business is happy and if the... read more

Aim of Life?

Aim of Life? I have a lot of money in my hand or I am holding a very important position in my organization or I have many fans! But still I am not getting satisfied, it seems like there is some vacuum in my life. Often we come across people expressing their situation... read more

Self Realization

Self Realization One of the serious issues of our society is that majority of the public does not even know the built-in qualities of his/her personality and blindly follows the so called trends to establish his or her career. Most of the time when it is asked from a... read more

Job Burnout & Work Stress

Job Burnout Your job is going well, you got two quick promotions, salary raise, and a new car during last year; but you are unhappy, desperate, fatigued, bored, and unfocused. Bravo, you are tracked for a job burnout. Among working professionals, such episodes are... read more

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment a Mystic Illusion or a Reality? Struggle for power is an innate of all living beings where humans are not an exception. Story of power struggle between genders, social classes and economic groups travels back with the history of humankind. Modern day... read more