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What is ISO 45001 Health & Safety Certification?

Occupational Health and Safety Standard ISO 45001 is a highly recognized standard for workplace safety and workers protection. This ISO standard is for all types of organizations, business types and structures where people are involved in work, production, service delivery or monitoring.    Global awareness about workplace safety and workers protection at workplace has increased the importance of application this standard. By applying ISO 45001 in your organization, you can prevent numberless accidents, harmful incidents, damages, financial and life losses. Adopting ISO 45001 in your company also demonstrates that your organizations is a socially responsible business.

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Objectives of ISO 45001 Certification

Organizational compliance on ISO 45001 ensures the level of management’s commitment on Occupational Health & Safety Management. IKTAR provides implementation services and professional assistance to its clients through quality consulting services. We help organizations initiate, develop, implement and continuously improve Occupational Health and Safety at their workplace.  IKTAR teams start from the initial survey and gap analyses through comprehensive ISO 45001 requirement audit and assessment. After this IKTAR develops a comprehensive work plan and our consultants get the plan implemented to ensure compliance.

Who can apply ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is useful to all public, private, service, governmental and non-profit organizations without any consideration for their location, size, volume of business or capital. It has a concern for the health and well being of both organization and the people working there; so organizations having the similar concern can get the maximum benefits from applying ISO 45001 in-house.

Benefits of ISO 45001

Organizations applying ISO 45001 have an obvious business edge over those that don’t apply it. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Better organizational control on all business department
  • Reduced cost of production and maintenance due to better system
  • Increased reliability among supply chain partners, customers, employees and other stakeholders
  • Enhanced level of trust among all stakeholders and working partners
  • Improved business and better profits
  • Continuous improvement under the Health and Safety System applied
  • Automatic standard compliance
  • More motivated workforce with sense of belonging to the company
  • Helpful in implementing compliance for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO 45001 initiates the standard structure supporting and supplementing ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Once one system is integrated with business routine working, the others are easy to implement with lesser difficulties and obstacles. Once combined together all three standardized systems become together and work as a single system.

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We encourage our clients and their teams to participate in every step during the project right from the diagnostic stages to solution development, project execution, monitoring and review phases.


IKTAR carries multipronged diagnostic research and digs deep to identify the factors causing problems. We believe in the right diagnostics before proceeding for the solution design. 

Our detailed workplan with clarity of purpose and defined timelines help you to achieve business goals in an effective professional manner.

IKTAR focuses on highly participative and personalized consulting services that don’t only help the business to grow fast, it further enables the clients’ teams to learn new ways of business management. We stand by you at every step of business problem solving and business empowerment.

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IKTAR teams really helped us achieve our organizational development goals. Thorough professional project planning and agility to execute well are the key dominant factors of IKTAR and its consultants.

Riffat Husain
Director HR, Mobilink

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Looking for First-Class Business Consulting Services?