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BTL – Below the Line Marketing

IKTAR offers fully customized and objective driven BTL (below the line) Marketing campaigns for its national and international client. For this purpose IKTAR has diverse teams of professionals with remarkable achievements on their track record. We are serving consumer goods’ and services’ clients for all their BTL needs around the Pakistan.

IKTAR – helping businesses grow by enhancing performance through empowered human resource, improved business structures,  modernized business systems and technological advancements.

brand activation

Brand Activation is the back bone of any advertising and marketing campaign. ‘Seeing is believing’ exactly applies to brand activation efforts and their business outcome. IKTAR helps its clients to activate product and service brands in a highly dynamic manner to ensure better product positioning and high brand share in the perspective market. Brand activation if planned, organized and implemented with true professional image; establishes direct contact and relationship between brand and ultimate consumer. Brand activation is conducted in a dynamic and assertive manner that may include brand activation at different places and phases.  Major brand activation efforts are grouped in following categories:

Mall Activation
Street or Apartment Activation
School Activation
Road Shows
Trial Runs

Direct Marketing & Door to Door Selling (DDS)

Direct marketing and door to door selling or promotion (DDS or DDP) help businesses to get immediate sales and customer response. Direct marketing IKTAR offers has many tiers and categories based on type of product, target customer, expected market share and planned revenue for the business. DDS and direct marketing supplements other marketing efforts and create synergized business results that equally good for both short and long term business objectives.

Event Marketing & Management

Our event marketing and management services include launch & re-launch of products, trade shows, selling blitz, expo, product trials, opinion polls at public places, point of purchase (POP) or point of sale (POS) activities to promote and activate brands, music shows, promotional picnic and fun galas.

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our distinctive benchmarks

We encourage our clients and their teams to participate in every step during the project right from the diagnostic stages to solution development, project execution, monitoring and review phases.


IKTAR carries multipronged diagnostic research and digs deep to identify the factors causing problems. We believe in the right diagnostics before proceeding for the solution design. 

Our detailed workplan with clarity of purpose and defined timelines help you to achieve business goals in an effective professional manner.

IKTAR focuses on highly participative and personalized consulting services that don’t only help the business to grow fast, it further enables the clients’ teams to learn new ways of business management. We stand by you at every step of business problem solving and business empowerment.

how can we help you?

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IKTAR teams really helped us achieve our organizational development goals. Thorough professional project planning and agility to execute well are the key dominant factors of IKTAR and its consultants.

Riffat Husain
Director HR, Mobilink

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