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IKTAR Training of Trainers Courses

Flagship Certified Training Programs for L&D Professionals

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Master Trainer Program - I

Covers the main areas:

Basic Training Needs
Training Essentials
Knowing Your Audience
Training Needs Assessment
Designing Training Curricula
Rehearsing Training Curricula
Training Delivery

Also includes simulations, practical working, role plays, fear purging exercises, various audio visuals, peer assessment, skill development by interactive activities.

For in-house quotation, registration and other details email IKTAR Training Manager

Master Trainer Program - II

Covers the following:

Short Revisiting of Program I
Training Curriculum Designing Methodology
Making Out Standing Power Point Presentations
Audience Engagement Methods
 Rapport Building
 Developing Training Games & Activities
Designing Attractive Training Material
Splitting Training Programs in Modules
 Customizing Training Manuals for Individual Group Needs
 “Out of the Box” Training Techniques
  Handling ‘Tough’ Audience
  Developing IMPACT
  The Art of Being “FAIR”

Also includes role plays, project building, training applications, confidence building exercise, group work, focus discussions,  targeted debates, patience development activities.

For in-house quotation, registration and other details email IKTAR Training Manager

Leader Trainer

Leader Trainer is an advanced training program in train the trainer series. This course is offered to experienced trainers & master trainers to further extend their professional working potential and expand their boundaries of expertise.

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