“SMEs constitute nearly 90% of entirely private businesses and employ almost 78% of the non-agricultural labor force in Pakistan"
(PBS, 2019)
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SME Development Program SME Development Program to help you expand your business and boost your profitability

SME Development Program is highly important in modern business scenario as it triggers the growth factors and supports companies to grow well and fast. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) plays a vital role in the economy of development countries where resources are more scared, employment is not guaranteed by the state and per capita income is on lower side. 

Another unfortunate element that hinders the success of SMEs is the lack of support from the government because of a wider range and greater number of SMEs in various sectors. 

Book an appointment with IKTAR consultant to have SME Development Program for your business. It is simple and flows in the following well coordinated steps. 

Reaching Agreement

Scope of work and working terms  and timelines are agreed after initial review meeting and site visit.

Designing Solution

Presentation of workplan, with detailed scope of work and change management route and allocation of CMTs.

Finding Issues

An in-depth organizational research unveils the issues hindering the progress of business.

Solution Execution

Plan execution in accordance with designed solution and scope of work, followed by regular reporting to the management. 

Meeting People

Development need analysis through surveys, individual interviews and focus groups to dig deep the causative human factors.

Privacy and Safety

During the whole development process protection of clients' safety and privacy is assured at all levels.  

Our Client Segments

IKTAR’s SME Development Program in Pakistan has served a variety of business segments engaged in diverse business categories, products and services.  SMEDP program of IKTAR serves both product and services businesses to help these business in exploring bigger business opportunities, greater gains and expanded markets through its individually customized SME Development Programs. Our clients include leading brands, manufacturers and service providers in more than twenty business categories.


Manufacturing Industries


Service Businesses


Hybrid, Real Estate, Hotels etc.

Want to Grow Your Business Well & Fast?

Why innovation in
business is necessary?

Progress in business is always dependent on the level of innovation the organization has and how creatively this innovation in applied in the process of business to generate desired results. 

SMEDP program enhances your organizational ability to innovate so the business could make the best possible decisions in minimum available time amidst all crises and competitive pressure. 

Potential of your business

Explore Your
Business Potential


SMEDP brings new life to your business by developing a sustainable developing model, improved human and machine productivity and expanding the horizons of target markets and customer segments. Your business has much more potential than what you are achieving currently.  

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