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Occupational Safety and Health Premium consulting & training services to ensure occupational safety and health at your workplace

Occupational Safety and Health are directly related to every business’s well being and productivity. IKTAR offer objective based realistic advisory services to ensure compliance in this regard. International standards are ensured through right assessment, work plans, implementation, monitoring and continual improvement. Right workplace habits are inculcated in teams to avoid Workplace mistakes, accidents, and losses. Our wide range OSHA consulting and training services include:

  • OSHA Standards Assessment for work place safety
  • Detailed GAP analyses of multiple work place protections against known and unknown hazards
  • Identification of risk areas for accidents, fire and other health hazards
  • Work plan preparation to wade the GAPS
  • Implementation of work plan at work place
  • Training of teams
  • Ensuring proper monitoring of application
  • Continuous improvement

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IKTARhelping businesses grow by enhancing performance through empowered human resource, improved business structures,  modernized business systems and technological advancements.

how do we create value for your business

Well begun is half done, the notion completely fits into the conduct of training and various processes. IKTAR weighs the need of a professional TNA very high. Our corporate trainers don’t move to the training designing phase unless they have competed training need assessment/analysis and have reviewed their findings with the clients/management. 

A professionally conducted Training Need Analysis/Assessment (TNA) is the key to a productive training design, development and delivery. Our TNA doesn’t only improve the quality of training outcome, it also decreases the learning costs for your company.

IKTAR believes in realistic problem solving and fact based learning solutions. We offer need based customized training solutions to our clients. We work right from the beginning, conduct TNA, meet the participants, review work place, discuss the issues faced by the organization and then tailor  highly professional training programs to meet the business needs of our clients and professional requirements for the participating  group members. 

Experiential learning and participatory learning methods are best suited to the learning need of every group and individual. People are more empowered when they see themselves doing what they thought they could never do. Involving participants and making them learning partners instead of passive learners/audiences is the way we work to create wonders in the lives of our participants.

Every learning group consists of dynamic individuals with various levels of versatility and learning and needs. IKTAR cooperate trainers emphasize on both collective and individual learning requirements of the participating groups.

Every training program is followed by a free training review report for the management highlighting gains, areas of further improvement and suggestion for team support and performance improvement after the conduct of training. Submission of a more detailed review report with individual performance review of the participants is also an option. 

A comprehensive follow-up and performance monitoring plan is shared with the clients to ensure professional implementation of the learned content/skills. These follow-up plans vary in duration and depth based on the type of training, nature of audiences and needs of the business. 

We highly value our participants and business partners and consider them the part of IKTAR. All participants are provided free learning support individually whenever they require. Training resources, advice, consulting, guidance and advice to conduct in-house session is a life time open privilege for the IKTARians

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IKTAR teams really helped us achieve our organizational development goals. Thorough professional project planning and agility to execute well are the key dominant factors of IKTAR and its consultants.

Riffat Husain
Director HR, Mobilink