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Health Safety & Environment


Consultancy and Training

Safe Workplace is the Only Option for Sustainable Success

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HSE Consultancy & Training Services

Health, Safety & Environment Training & Consultancy to Improve Organizational Performance and Profitability

Workplace safety and healthy environment are key essentials for the growth of business and organization. Safety at the workplace ensures maximum trust and involvement of people in the work they do. All companies enjoying the apex of their success guarantee the best possible HSE practices at workplace. IKTAR offers HSE consultancy and training services best suited to your individual organizational and business needs. Our wide array of HSE services include:

  • HSE Organizational Surveys & GAP analyses
  • Food Safety Programs
  • Workplace Safety and Accident Prevention Programs
  • Preventive Programs for Working at Hazardous Places
  • Fire Protection & Prevention Services
  • Structural Safety Prevention and Protection Programs
  • Health Safety Programs
  • Security Programs
  • Structural Safety Programs
  • Building Safety Programs
  • Construction Safety Program
  • HSE Train the Trainer Program

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