You have just finished your studies and are now applying for software engineer jobs, but you aren’t getting any interview calls. More often than not, it is because you don’t have a good software engineer resume. Your resume is basically what will sell you to potential employers, and if it’s not impressive, it becomes difficult to find the right jobs.

Common Software Engineer Resume Mistakes – and avoiding them

We have compiled a list of seven resume mistakes that you should avoid if you are applying for a software engineering job.

  1. Edit resume according to job requirements

Study the mentioned job requirements that the employer has conveyed, and edit your resume to address them. You have to convince the employers that you are the perfect candidate for that software engineering job – make sure your resume reflects that.

  1. Highlight technical skills in resume

A software engineer’s biggest strengths are his technical skills. When applying for a software engineering job, make sure to highlight the technical skills you have. Make sure to create a separate section for technical skills in your resume.

  1. Use the right keywords

Hiring managers usually only scan through resumes they get, since they have to go through so many. Therefore, your software engineer resume needs to mention and highlight relevant keywords so the reader doesn’t miss any important information.

  1. Keep the resume relevant

Don’t mention everything big and small that you have ever accomplished. Only mention things in your resume that are relevant to the software engineering job you are applying for. Stick to achievements and experiences that actually matter.

  1. Highlight project details

Just mentioning the project titles won’t help much. When you apply with your software engineer resume for a job, make sure to mention all details of the projects you have done so far. Break it down into bullets if needed.

  1. Make it pleasant to look at

Your software engineer resume should be easy to scan and visually appealing for your potential employers. Make sure that your usage of fonts, spacing and capitalization is consistent and correct.

  1. Emphasize your online presence

List down all online media that has your work presence on it. Mention blogs, profiles on technical sites, websites, and portfolios etc. This will let the recruiters get a good idea of exactly the kind of work you have done so far and the extent and scope of it.

These were some mistakes to avoid in your software engineer resume. Have anything more to add? Need more help with your software engineer resume? Contact us today!