Focus for Success

He is very talented but still unable to achieve a breakthrough in his life! She is very ambitious but unable to reach a successful destination in her life! Often we come across similar judgments about the people around us. Reasons behind such failures could be different in different cases but one of the most important reasons is lack of focus in life. Starting a journey and jumping into another one without completing the first one is just like clueless running in a deep forest, which keeps you busy but never leads you to a destination. The worst part is that when people quit at the very point from where the real climax of the journey has to reveal itself. In many cases, the hardships of the ride or frustration because of no positive results for a certain period leads to a lack of interest in moving further towards the expected or dreamed destination. However, it has also been observed that people usually quit just because other people think that the expected goal is unachievable or not as lucrative as one has imagined. One thing must be clear that every journey is difficult in its beginning and gets easier and smoother with every next step towards the destination. Moreover, every goal has its own unique lucrative factors which can’t be compared with another and thinking that something for which one is struggling is not going to pay off is total trash and should never be allowed to capture one’s mind. The serious, Continuous and focused efforts towards the dreamed ambitions will definitely lead to a successful ending regardless of the field or nature of destination.
Here a question arises; How to find the right thing or field or destination? In addition, what is the best way to achieve the set goals? The first and most important step is to find out the topmost strength of your personality. This step apparently seems easier but in reality, it is the most difficult and sensitive step. The random comments of people about you, the inner voice and past experiences are useful guiding tools to explore the strongest side of your personality. The second step is to list out all possible dimensions where the explored strength could be effectively utilized. The third step is to select the dimension that best suits your nature and which never gives you bored or tired feeling. Once the goal or destination is defined in clear words then the next mission is to gather information about the field or dimension as much as possible. Now while gathering the information, sketch out the plan of action to achieve the desired goal. The last stage, which will transform the entire struggle until now into real results is to bring your plan into actions and move towards your goal bit by bit. The plan may change various times during the course of action due to circumstances coming in the way but one thing, which remains constant, is focused and uninterrupted struggle towards the stated goal. One may say that he or she is able to excel in multiple fields but still, it is not justified to leave one dimension halfway just because of initiating another one. Achieving the excellence in one dimension and then moving towards the next is the best way in such cases.
Life gives limited time to every person and being focused is the only way to play your role in an effective way with successful results. An inconsistent or directionless struggle can never end into a success story. Stop wasting your time in useless activities or thoughts which keep you detracted; gather your energy, strengthen your will-power, focus on your clearly listed goals and live a life that makes you feel worthy and precious.

Author: Arsalan
Arsalan Rehman is a bloger and Industrial-Engineer, currently working as an office-holder in a government organization of Pakistan.

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