selling through difficult times

Selling can be a difficult task, especially when the market is not favorable and customers are not actively buying. However, there are several strategies that businesses can use to sell in these challenging times.

Understand your customer: In a downturn, it’s important to understand the needs and concerns of your customers. Take the time to research your buying habits and identify what they are looking for in a product or service. This will help you tailor your sales pitch to meet their specific needs.

Be flexible:

Be open to negotiation and be willing to offer discounts, package deals, or other incentives to close a sale. This will show the customer that you are willing to work with them and meet their needs.

Build relationships:

Building relationships with your customers is key in any market, but it’s especially important in a downturn. Take the time to get to know your customers, understand their needs and concerns, and be responsive to their requests. This will help to build trust and loyalty, which will be valuable in the long term.

Emphasize value:

Instead of focusing on the cost of your product or service, emphasize the value that it provides. Show customers how your product or service can help them save money, improve their business or improve their quality of life.


Networking is an effective way to find new customers and generate leads. Attend industry events, join trade organizations, and connect with other businesses in your field. This will help you to expand your reach and find new opportunities.


Diversifying your products and services can help to mitigate the impact of a downturn in any one market. Consider offering new products or services that are in demand, or that complement your existing offerings.

Be creative:

In a downturn, you may have to be more creative in your sales approach. Try new marketing techniques, such as social media campaigns, email marketing, or referral programs. This will help you to reach new customers and generate leads.

Remember, selling in a downturn is not impossible. With the right approach and a willingness to adapt, you can find success in even the most challenging markets.

Author: Shafqat Jilani
Shafqat Jilani is a corporate trainer, management consultant, life coach, motivational speaker, a behavioural psychologist and e-strategist with more than twenty fives years of professional working. He is working in IKTAR as country director for Pakistan.

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