Importance of Aim in Life?

Aim of Life?

I have a lot of money in my hand or I am holding a very important position in my organization or I have many fans! But still I am not getting satisfied, it seems like there is some vacuum in my life. Often we come across people expressing their situation with such statements. Apart from various other reasons; the observation shows that absence of a clear aim or struggling for a wrong thing as an aim are the two main reasons behind such a situation. Here a question arises; if money, high rank or countless fans are not the ultimate catalysts for a calm and satisfied life then what is the reality of these so called precious things? In fact money, high rank or fans which are usually followed as ultimate aim of life are the bi-products and are automatically produced during the struggle for the real goal of life.

It is the dilemma of our society and education system that both are portraying the bi-products as ultimate goal of life. Don’t go too far, just put a glance over the lives of Quaid-E-Azam M. Ali Jinnah, Allama M. Iqbal. Success stories of these personalities are not hidden from anyone and one thing which is common in all three characters is that they never followed the money, high ranks or fans; in fact the later followed them. Here a question arises; what actually these three personalities did that things got reversed in their case? They followed one simple rule of nature by putting their whole energy in mastering and polishing their core strength and ultimately directing their energies in solving major problems of society by utilizing that strength. Jinnah was a student of law and fought the Pakistan’s case in a  great manner, Allama was a student philosophy and played a great role in putting the nation on a right track through his philosophical wisdom. In short, they discovered their strength, mastered it and delivered to the society. It will not be wrong to declare this three stepped phenomenon as real aim of life which is automatically followed by high ranks, fans and money as bi-products.

Doing business and struggling to become rich is a common trend in today’s capitalist society. It is good do business and strive to achieve high-standard life style but instead of following the typical trend-based formula; will it not be better to do business relevant to your strength and then directing the efforts towards finding a solution to major problems of society through your business. Let’s take the case of Mark Zuckerberg  the owner of Facebook; before becoming a billionaire, he was just a computer programmer but today he is enjoying all luxuries. He is a successful business-man but the reason of his success is the solution to a major problem of the society which is automatically followed by huge money and fans. Doing business is great but doing it just for money or fans is like gathering priceless cake (bi-product of oil refinery)  when you could have valuable oil.

The world is open; do whatever you want but never get trapped by bi-products. Always strive for the best because as a human being you deserve the best. Last but not the least; never forget the three-stepped phenomenon; Discover your strength, Master it and deliver it.

Author: Arsalan
Arsalan Rehman is a bloger and Industrial-Engineer, currently working as an office-holder in a government organization of Pakistan.

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