Job Burnout & Work Stress

Job Burnout

Your job is going well, you got two quick promotions, salary raise, and a new car during last year; but you are unhappy, desperate, fatigued, bored, and unfocused. Bravo, you are tracked for a job burnout. Among working professionals, such episodes are very common as every third person in midlife career and every tenth in the early years of profession feel like this once in a year.

Such feelings have no obvious reasons but are the outcome of your regular, untired, and dedicated professional engagements. The human brain, like the human body, also needs relaxing cycles and regular breaks that dedicated professionals forget to grant it regularly.  After a certain working spell of deprivation, the brain goes on strike and your body supports its move too. You start feeling tired, fed-up of routine and become non-productive. Though not permanent in most cases, this situation is quite disturbing and productivity killing for many. Here are some quick tips to get out of this phase quickly, before it could cause any permanent harm to your health and job.

  • Realize the Situation: There is nothing to panic and worrisome; it is a phase that needs some unique action from you and it shall be over. Realizing its reasons shall help you find the solution in a better way.
  • Grab a Vacation Plan: Take a leave, have a good travel plan, and go somewhere away from your regular office and home environment. It can be for a week or a month but leaving your base town is mandatory. Go alone, with family or friends but not with working colleague even if they too are suffering from the job burnout.
  • Read and Write: Reading non-business books that are not linked to your professional and business life help you to grab yourself back from bumpy jumpy burnout road to a smooth journey. Proficient reading triggers motivational hormones in your body and boosts your energy level too.
  • Think & Live Healthy: A more energetic you are the more desired ‘you’ in this situation of short term crises, and in next coming years of life too ofcourse. A healthy living makes you feel better in all situations including this phase of burnout or job stress. The term healthy here refers to an active working and personal life based on quality eating, regular exercise, and good sleeping habits. Retune your life to fit into the parameters of a healthy and well trained living style.
  • Relax you are not inevitable: Life continues teaching new lessons and this phase is a new learning experience too. Learn to relax your mind and body and remember, nothing is inevitable in the world and you are not an exception. Treat yourself with dignity and respect, don’t put yourself knowingly in deeper troubles of work and worries.
  • Start Loving: Stop repenting, cursing, worrying, and annoying at yourself and others; start loving the life, people around you, and yourself. Love breeds love and develop your belief in the expanding power and self-growth ability of love. When you are in love with life; you are taken away from worries.

Author: Shafqat Jilani
Shafqat Jilani is a corporate trainer, management consultant, life coach, motivational speaker, a behavioural psychologist and e-strategist with more than twenty fives years of professional working. He is working in IKTAR as country director for Pakistan.

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