Self Realization

Self Realization

One of the serious issues of our society is that majority of the public does not even know the built-in qualities of his/her personality and blindly follows the so called trends to establish his or her career. Most of the time when it is asked from a person that why have you choose this field for yourself? The most popular answer is “there is huge scope in this field”! Let me inform you that this aimless and meaningless statement is the greatest trauma of our society and main reason of frustration and backwardness. What is the right way then? The solution lays in answering these simple but very important questions; Have you ever ask yourself about your core strength? Have you ever experience or observe the unintentional praising of one of your trait by people around you? Have you observe that there is something which you do effortlessly and never get tired of doing that?  If the answers are not clear yet then go and sit in tranquility, focus all your thoughts and find out the absolute answer to these questions. If you have found an appropriate answer to these questions then congratulations you have cleared the first step towards self-realization and towards a more focused, peaceful and successful future.

The next phase is to channelize your principal strength towards welfare of the society. This phase is very important as well as sensitive because it will decide that how your talent is going to affect the society. One thing must be noted here that once you discover your primary strength then it is obvious that it is going to pay you off whatever the path you choose to utilize it. However, the impact on the society will be decided by the path chosen. Let’s simplify this matter by taking an example; let’s say a person discovers that he can speak well and has a built-in power of convincing people. This person has a range of options to utilize this strength; he can either use his quality for bringing a positive change in lives of people around him or can exploit his skills for a criminal cause. Let’s take another example; a person has discovered that he has got a technical mind; again he has a range of options. He can either utilize his strength to make a bomb or to make a device for disposing the bomb.  The direction of your efforts will decide the impact of your strength on the society and the ultimate aim should be to spread positive energy in the society which is the only best utilization of your prime strength. I would like to quote Sir! ‘Wasif Ali Wasif’ here; “IF YOUR AIM OF LIFE IS NOT DIRECTED TOWARDS WELFARE OF SOCIETY THEN ONE DAY IT WILL GET YOU TIRED AND WILL MAKE YOU FEEL THAT YOU HAVE WASTED YOUR TIME AND LIFE”.

One may ask; I have spent so many years in my current field and now I am asked to find out my main strength and utilize it for welfare of the society, how is it going to work? The answer is very simple; there is no need to rethink about your current job or field, may be it is what you finally discover as your principal strength and if it is not then again no need to panic. If you discover your built-in strength today, just start working on polishing it from today and one day you will find that now it’s time to take it as full time journey.

It is guaranteed that if you discover your built-in strength it will give you a very pleasant feeling! It is guaranteed that if you work on your core skills, it make you feel happier and will never let you feel tired! AND it is guaranteed that this path is going to pay you either sooner or later.

Author: Arsalan
Arsalan Rehman is a bloger and Industrial-Engineer, currently working as an office-holder in a government organization of Pakistan.


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